Monday, August 31, 2015

My first testing project

My first project was CPE-QA for NetApp client. I was working in Tata Consultancy Services. My responsibility was to execute automated and manual test cases. It was functional testing and regression testing(black box testing), which we used to perform, therefore most of the test cases were automated and only few were to be performed manually. I worked on many features related to admin interfaces like RSH, SSH, Telnet, SNMP; licensing for storage product. But later I was also included in load and stress testing, debugging automated scripts written in Perl.

From that point I got interest in learning Perl to get fully into Perl automation. I started reading scripts related to my area. These scripts were written in core perl.

But, that time I was unable to understand the syntax, regular expressions, Perl idioms(small phrase like code in perl for doing something specific). So I started learning perl from some video tutorials on youtube, on google. Then I came to know about the reference book "Programming Perl"written by creator of perl, Larry Wall. It was of great help. from initial 4 chapters, I got to know most of the syntax of perl.

Then I started doing some practice of perl from "Learning Perl" written by Randal Schwartz. Then I started fixing scripts in my project.

But to practice creating new scripts, I wanted a project only for perl automation. So I left the project and started practicing perl at home. I did many exercises on internet, contributed in CPAN pull request challenge.

Then I got a new project for client ""Pulse secure" (A company spin-off from Juniper). The product was SSL VPN gateway device and software. There, I automated many testsuites, related to SSL VPN client, SSO, Kerberos and licensing.

I used following things in this project:

AutoIT scripting

We mainly used Framework APIs. Framework was created using selenium web driver APIs, using Perl module Selenium::Remote::Driver

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