Thursday, September 17, 2015

Choosing the right tool

I was reading a case study about choosing the automation tool for Google webmasters site in book "Experiences in Automation Testing". The team consisted only 2 members, out of which one was 90% involved in manual testing. They initially chose eggplant to automate their tests. Eggplant is a tool, which compares the captured images of GUI, and compares bit by bit. This was time consuming as well as posed some problems like:

1. Whenever some text is changed in font, test fails, although there is no fault in product
2. If browser windows size is different at the time of testing, test will fail, even if everything is correct on product side

At the last they had to throw away all automation to change to new automation tool. So they chose web-driver (A tool developed in Google itself).

Web driver is a part of Selenium 2.0.


1. Choosing automation tool greatly depends on System under test (SUT)
2. Unit test tests a small fragment of code, and does not access any external resources such as database.
3. A good review of code can also also reduce bugs.
4. A good automation strategy focuses on the most important objectives for the automated tests.
5. Tool language plays great role in good automation.
6. tests that give immediate feedback to developers are the most useful to them, because that time they remember the most of they have developed.
7. Web-driver(part of selenium 2.0) works by examining HTML source returned from web server and by manipulating JavaScript. Most of testing involves finding HTML elements and then doing string comparisons looking for expected text.

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